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Post  Nilesh Patel on Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:00 pm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective form of Internet marketing. Search engine promotion campaigns are shown to deliver the highest ROI, compared to all other types of on-line and off-line marketing. Far from being a simple task, SEO employs a combination of techniques that allow you to dominate search engine result pages. These techniques are based on careful studies that differ from site to site.  

SEO Administrator is a set of seo tools that helps you to find the answers you need and to tune-up your site to obtain high positions in search engines. SEO Administrator includes all the seo tools you need for precise analysis and successful positioning.  

"Ranking monitor" module. The biggest factor in attracting visitors to your web site is a high position in the lists returned from search engines. This is the search engine rank. Monitoring and tracking of your site's search engine rank is a fundamental and ongoing part of your website optimization task.

A manual check of search engine ranks can be laborious, especially if there you have many keywords and your site has not yet made it into the magical "first ten" of the search engine results. Seo Administrator will help you by doing all the difficult and routine work for you.  

"Link popularity checker" module. A large number of quality sites with links referring back to your own website (inbound links) is a guarantee of high positions in search reports. Almost all the search engines use this link popularity parameter in their ranking algorithms.

The databases from various search engines are mainly similar to each other, but each one will have some unique links not present in the others.

Seo Administrator link popularity software checks inbound links across a number of search engines and then composes a unified and comprehensive inbound links list without duplicates.  

Two more parameters are displayed for every inbound link - PageRank of the referrer and anchor text.

"Site indexation tool" module. Before a site appears in search reports it has to be indexed by a search engine. Indexation of your web site means that the site pages have been visited by a search engine, analyzed and the information included in the search engine database. If a page is not indexed, it means that the search engine cannot know about it and consequently will never display information from it.  

Most of the search engines allow you to examine the indexed pages list with the help of special language operators. Seo Administrator allows you to check site indexation in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

As Seo Administrator checks site indexation it also obtains the Google PageRank value of each checked page. It is very useful to get the PageRank at the site indexation stage, especially when analyzing complex and large sites.

"Log-analyzer" module. Every request to your site is handled by the server and an appropriate record is saved in the log-file. A great deal of information about your website visitors can be extracted from the records in the server log file so long as they can be put into an understandable format. When analyzing log-files Seo Administrator will extract the following statistics:
· Number of unique visitors of your site.
· Number of page views.
· Number of entries originating from search engines.
· Keywords used by visitors to find your site.
· Referrers, the web resources which forwarded visitors to your site.
· Geography, countries of visitors as derived from IP addresses.
· Frequent visitor paths within your site (Click paths).
· Search engines robots visits

The "PageRank analyzer" module is designed to automatically analyze a large number of web sites and the following parameters are obtained for every site on the list: · Google PageRank;
· The number of inbound links, according to various search engines;
· The Site presence in the DMOZ and Yahoo catalogues;
· The Web page's TITLE text.  

"Keywords suggestion tool" module. Selection and use of relevant keywords and keyphrases is an important task for anybody carrying out web site optimization and promotion. Large numbers of visitors alone is not the primary aim, it is important to attract targeted visitors by appropriate choice of keywords. It is important to define keywords and phrases which properly correspond to the topic of the site and which are actually used by the audience you wish to target.

The Seo Administrator Keywords suggestion tool will help you choose the best possible keyword combinations for your site by: · Giving recommendations for the specified phrases.
· Estimating their competition rate.

"HTML analyzer" module. The HTML analyzer tool analyses on-line and local HTML web pages. It allows you to dissect html text in the same way that a search engine would do it. Html analyzer may be used in several ways:
· By monitoring keyword density and keyword weight while building and optimizing the site.
· Detailed analyses of your competitors' sites to obtain optimal keywords and keyphrases.
· To ensure that your web pages are well designed and the HTML code is correctly formed.

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